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From Fake to Forever by Kat Cantrell #QuickieReview

From Fake to Forever (Newlywed Games) - Kat Cantrell

After two years of not knowing she has been married all due to a accident with a "Grown-Up" pact, Meredith is really trying to grow-up and the first thing is getting a quickie divorce with out her dad knowing so that she when she asks her father for a loan there is really nothing he can find that will make him say no to the loan.

Jason Lynhurst has had a plan since spending time in Vegas with Meredith and her surprise of being married did not fit in with his plans.  But when all the plans he has made to make him look like the best choice to be CEO of the newly reconnected Lynhurst company falls apart he needs Meredith to help him spy on his sister.

I personally find Meredith trying to seduce Jason awkward but hilarious at times.  But it really does make Meredith a very strong female character.  She knows what she wants, she has tried to forget about her time with Jason and never could so why not go a few more times with the unforgettable.

Overall I did like this book, but it is not my favorite of these Harlequin books.

Source: http://romancebooksanonymous.blogspot.com/2015/04/FromFaketoForever.html

Spies and Prejudice

Spies and Prejudice - Talia Vance

In a story of Spy vs. Spy we have Pride and Prejudice meets Veronica Mars.


Strawberry “Berry” Fields, has been raised by her private detective dad since the death of her mom eight years ago.  Her dad has taught the finer points of spying and getting the proof that she needs for her clients.  But when she spies her best friend’s dad with a letter on her mother’s letter head she has to know what her mother was working on for him and whether or not it got her killed.


Berry needs the help of the new boy at school, (HIS NAME), who is kind of a loner since she can’t ask her best friend to spy on her own father.  But why is (HIS NAME) so willing to break into the offices of (COMPANY NAME) with a girl he really just met?


Next enter in two new boys Tanner and Ryan who seem to keep appearing everywhere Berry goes with Mary Chris.  What is it they are after and why is Tanner so interested in what Berry is up too?



Overall this book is a good quick read.  Not the best book out there but with light quick references to Pride and Prejudice and slight reminders to Veronica Mars this is still a completely separate story and great in its own way.  

Read this in HS and now I don't know why....

Devil's Bride - Stephanie Laurens

I really do not know what caused me to read my first romance and a Historical (Bodice Ripper) to begin with but I did.  There have been many of romances books on my shelf ever since then and there will be many more in the years to come because as a friend of mine from work likes to tell me they are the cocaine of all books.  Once you start reading romance you just can't stop unless you just really do not like the happy love stories that romance brings your way, but enough about why I first read this book and more about my thoughts this most recent time of reading this book.


So Sylvester "Devil" Cynster best known to his family as That Devil Cynster is the 6th Duke of St. Ives.  When he comes across Honoria Prudence Anstruther-Wetherby who is helping his recently shot cousin he knows that she is meant to be his.  When Devil tells Honoria that she is to marry him she flat out refuses as she has no ambition to marry at all, her only goal is to travel to Egypt and ride camel back under the shadow of the Sphinx, something that Devil and her brother Micheal have come to agreement she shall not be doing.  So to keep her occupied Micheal gets her to agree to stay with the Dowager Duchess through out her mourning period.  Which works well for Honoria as he plans to use that time to find out who killed Tolly, Devils cousin, and why.  


The best part about this book is the butting of heads between Devil and Honoria since he wants to keep her perfectly safe and she wants to have an adventure and solving the murder with our without the help of Devil is exactly what she plans to do. The sexy level of this book is also pretty strong which makes me want to know what I was thinking reading this book in high school at the age of 18.  Now of course I think the eyes have been fully open to all things sex and not much surprises me until you think about the age at which you first read one of these books and you think "What was I thinking?".


Overall I like this book, the question of who the killer was and why were not an overall the basis of the book but Stephanie Laurens does not leave you completely guessing as she does keep giving you clues every so often.




Source: http://thebookishdiaries.blogspot.com/2014/01/DevilsBride.html

Starting Fan Girl

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell Harry Potter: The Complete Series - J.K. Rowling

I finally got my e-mail about the copy of FanGirl that I put on hold being in at the Library yesterday and believe me when I say I pretty much got ready and rushed over there to pick it up since I had been hearing soooo much about it and I really just wanted to read the book.


And now only a few chapters in and I can really relate to the main character with her Fan Fiction writing ways.  I think that so many girls and harry potter fans can relate to this book because it described us for many of years sitting around reading and writing our own versions of the characters we loved so much.  


Though I have just started, I can not wait to read more and I really look forward to more of this book.

Audio book for overnights
Audio book for overnights
Fallen - Lauren Kate

So for three nights straight I am working the overnight shift at work and during this time I am an audio book freak.  I started the book Fallen which I downloaded from the library's OverDrive service but I am not really getting into it as I worked an eight hour shift and only listened to about three hours of the book.  


Two more nights to go and if I do not get into it I may never finish it.

The Billionaire Bad Boys Club

The Billionaire Bad Boys Club - Emma Holly Emma Holly did a great job on the creation of the "Bad Boys Club". The owners were amazing each with their own difficulties to get past. No man should be without flaws though sometimes I think Channing Tatum is. Trey grew up being taught that sex was not something good Christian people did, while Zane has a problem letting people see the him that loves his partner in the business.Then there is Rebecca, the girl who gave up he won life to raise he younger brothers at sixteen. This is something that shocked me, though you do see things like this on Lifetime Movie Network where teenagers raise their younger siblings while avoiding the law that would put them in foster care. I loved Rebecca, she is very head strong, and I like these female characters that have worked hard for everything they have got and do not want a man to come in an ruin it all. Though Rebecca is very attracted to Trey to begin with because she wants to work at his new restaurant she does not want to get involved with him, harder than it looks for her and for him. But Zane on the other hand who is a "silent" partner is a lot easier to get involved with but harder to trust.But will this couple make it when you add into the mix a jealous on/off girlfriend of Zane's who does not like the fact that she has believed him to be proposing and instead he is sleeping with not only Rebecca but also Trey even though they have been going out and being seen with each other? I will admit I love my romance/erotica to have a little bit of a twist, I do not like it to only be just about the romance. I like to see some internal struggle as well as some outside conflict and Emma Holly has brought it full force with these two.
The Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress (Petronides Brothers Duo #1 & Greek Tycoons #4) - Lucy Monroe Its the classic love story:Girl lives in sin with boyGirl gets pregnant by boyGirl realizes she loves boyBoy leaves girl to marry acceptable girlGirl disappearsBoy regrets decision.When Xandra Fortune finds out that she is pregnatn and the faterh of the baby went and got engaged to what he claims to be the "right sort" of girl, she decideds it is time to go back to being Alexandra Dupree and go home to her mother, who believes she is ruining the family, and her sister.Living the life of "Xandra Fortune" had been great when she could be a fashion model in France but with a child on the way and being a single parent there would be no way to continue her lifestyle. Pluse her family, who she got the job for to begin with did not need her assistance as much.By the time that Dimitri realized the mistake he ahd made, "Xandra" was gone from the apartment he had removed her from and from the city. The only thing Provate Detictives could find on "Xandra Fortune" was that she had her belongings shipped to New York.When they end up at the same party in New York will the sparks fly or will the fact that Alexandra believes Dimitri to be married and can not trust him keep them apart.Mostly this is like all Harlequin Romance stories and something I lvoe. A first time together, something that tears them apart and then a happily ever after. Not to say that they are all teh same, that little bit of info that they will get back together is somthing to make you pull through that hate that they may or may not feel toward each other. And I lvoe them for those moments where they do not get along. Lucy Monroe did a good job on this short and sweet Harlequin getting me interested. There is constantly a question to find the answer too: Did he get married? What did he promise his Grandfather?
Master of Submission - Jan Bowles For straight-laced English woman Emma, Club Submission is really the last place she would have ever went but it might just have led her on the adventure of a lifetime while looking for her best Chloe. With just e-mails exchanged with one "Orion" Emma is lost in the last place she knew Chloe to have gone. Master Zane Anders was easily drawn to the blonde that looked as if she had never been into a BDSM club before, and knew that breaking her into the scene would be something he would thoroughly enjoy doing. And when she follows him home he is even more shocked but mostly because he thinks she is a reporter trying to get a story on the club and its members not that she is looking for her missing friend who she just "knows" something has happened too. Next thing he knows is he is being questioned about his relationship to member "Giselle" who is actually Emma's friend Chloe. Can the mystery of Chloe Watts be solved before the Strong brothers have to close Club Submission for good since the police think the club has everything to do with the disappearance. Personally I have fallen in love with this series with just the first book and I have instantly added the other books to my Kindle Wish List. But I have a feeling I will be buying them before I get them gifted to me. I am looking forward to reading the next books in the series as well as other books by Jan Bowles that I own or put on my wish list´╗┐
An Accidental Seduction - Michelle Willingham An Accidental Seduction by Michelle Willingham is a prequel to The Accidental Countess giving the background story to how Emily Barrow became Stephen Chesterfield's wife. It is not required that you read An Accidental Seduction before reading The Accidental Seduction it really just answers some of the questions left unanswered in The Accidental Countess.For a short introduction into the characters and the back story An Accidental Seduction is a great day read, and if you have already read The Accidental Countess and have those questions on the relationship between Emily and Stephen, this is just icing on the cake.Living by herself with no staff left due to the low finances, Emily is caught chopping her own firewood in the dead of winter by Stephen. With the knowledge that no one will wish to marry her since she has no dowry Emily sets out to seduce Stephen, for what will be her first and only chance to love him or anyone.Stephen is running from his destiny or what his mother says should be his destiny in the perfect bride. So when Emily's brother wants him to check on her while visiting his family home he sees no problem with seeing the girl that is really wrong to carry the family name and title.Michelle Willingham did a great job writing this short novella that kept me wanting more. To the point that I have gotten myself the next book.
A Marriage of Convenience - Doreen Owens Malek The love story of Sharon Philips and Taylor "Tay" Braddock is all about their missed opportunity when she was just 18 years old and her dad had just married his mom. That was the summer she fell in love with him and it was also the last time she had seen him until now when her dad stipulates in the will that they must marry. But with the heart break from ten years ago Sharon is just not ready to forgive and forget what happened between them.I really did enjoy this book, the story line was great with a modern day arranged marriage. A fast fun read to give you something to do while not doing to much. Doreen Owens Malek makes you want to root for the guy who broke her heart and the love she used to have for him that she does not have for anyone else. A Marriage of Convenience also gives you that need to just tell the guy to go to hell after what he did he does not deserve that chance but with Sharon's love for Tay still there you know that you would not vote against them any day.
The Billionaire's Baby - Nicola Marsh Review from: The Virtual Book CaseOne thing I am always interested in si a good happily ever after call me a sucker for someone else's love story since mine has not happened. I have not net the guy that turns my mind to mush and makes me do the stupidest things by my parents standards.But in The Billionaire's Baby Cameryn met that guy at the age of 18. Cam was swept away by Blane to the point that three months later she marries him. That was years ago. Since he left, not long after their unplanned marriage. Now she owns her own cafe and has no room for love, that is until Blane walks back into her life. Now she has to tell him that she can not give him what he wants so they can not be together. Or is she going to let love back into her heart and her one love back itno her life. This question keeps me thinking about the book "can you give up what you want to let them have their dreams come true?"
Vampire Kisses - Ellen Schreiber Welcome to Dullsville.Where you are from the wrong side of the tracks or the right side. But Raven Madison is neither, she is the towns social outcast ever since kindergarten when she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up and answered...Vampire. Now at sixteen she is still the social outcast that wishes to be a vampire.When the Sterling family moves in to the mansion on the hill Raven grows excited as the rumors grow about the family. With a teenage son who is said to be a vampire from the rumors based on facts such as he hangs out the cemetery late at night and he does not eat garlic Raven has never been so excited. Now her long time dream can come true she can become the vampire she has always longed to be. But is it really a Vampire that she is after to be or is just someone who really understands her.This is the first book in a series of books where we get to meet the town of "Dullsville". This is a great group of characters, we have ex-hippie parents Sarah and Paul Madison who after having their second child dubbed "Nerd Boy" by Raven have turned into the everyday "Suburban Neighborhood" parents.There is also Becky that best friend that you have that will do just about anything for you, even if it is something that could possibly be dangerous, because they know when the time comes you will stand up for them.Lastly there is Trevor who is that All American Guy who has everything, popularity, money and friends. Then there is this other side of him that because he has all that he needs to control everything else.