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The Billionaire Bad Boys Club

The Billionaire Bad Boys Club - Emma Holly Emma Holly did a great job on the creation of the "Bad Boys Club". The owners were amazing each with their own difficulties to get past. No man should be without flaws though sometimes I think Channing Tatum is. Trey grew up being taught that sex was not something good Christian people did, while Zane has a problem letting people see the him that loves his partner in the business.Then there is Rebecca, the girl who gave up he won life to raise he younger brothers at sixteen. This is something that shocked me, though you do see things like this on Lifetime Movie Network where teenagers raise their younger siblings while avoiding the law that would put them in foster care. I loved Rebecca, she is very head strong, and I like these female characters that have worked hard for everything they have got and do not want a man to come in an ruin it all. Though Rebecca is very attracted to Trey to begin with because she wants to work at his new restaurant she does not want to get involved with him, harder than it looks for her and for him. But Zane on the other hand who is a "silent" partner is a lot easier to get involved with but harder to trust.But will this couple make it when you add into the mix a jealous on/off girlfriend of Zane's who does not like the fact that she has believed him to be proposing and instead he is sleeping with not only Rebecca but also Trey even though they have been going out and being seen with each other? I will admit I love my romance/erotica to have a little bit of a twist, I do not like it to only be just about the romance. I like to see some internal struggle as well as some outside conflict and Emma Holly has brought it full force with these two.