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Master of Submission - Jan Bowles For straight-laced English woman Emma, Club Submission is really the last place she would have ever went but it might just have led her on the adventure of a lifetime while looking for her best Chloe. With just e-mails exchanged with one "Orion" Emma is lost in the last place she knew Chloe to have gone. Master Zane Anders was easily drawn to the blonde that looked as if she had never been into a BDSM club before, and knew that breaking her into the scene would be something he would thoroughly enjoy doing. And when she follows him home he is even more shocked but mostly because he thinks she is a reporter trying to get a story on the club and its members not that she is looking for her missing friend who she just "knows" something has happened too. Next thing he knows is he is being questioned about his relationship to member "Giselle" who is actually Emma's friend Chloe. Can the mystery of Chloe Watts be solved before the Strong brothers have to close Club Submission for good since the police think the club has everything to do with the disappearance. Personally I have fallen in love with this series with just the first book and I have instantly added the other books to my Kindle Wish List. But I have a feeling I will be buying them before I get them gifted to me. I am looking forward to reading the next books in the series as well as other books by Jan Bowles that I own or put on my wish list´╗┐