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A Marriage of Convenience - Doreen Owens Malek The love story of Sharon Philips and Taylor "Tay" Braddock is all about their missed opportunity when she was just 18 years old and her dad had just married his mom. That was the summer she fell in love with him and it was also the last time she had seen him until now when her dad stipulates in the will that they must marry. But with the heart break from ten years ago Sharon is just not ready to forgive and forget what happened between them.I really did enjoy this book, the story line was great with a modern day arranged marriage. A fast fun read to give you something to do while not doing to much. Doreen Owens Malek makes you want to root for the guy who broke her heart and the love she used to have for him that she does not have for anyone else. A Marriage of Convenience also gives you that need to just tell the guy to go to hell after what he did he does not deserve that chance but with Sharon's love for Tay still there you know that you would not vote against them any day.