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An Accidental Seduction - Michelle Willingham An Accidental Seduction by Michelle Willingham is a prequel to The Accidental Countess giving the background story to how Emily Barrow became Stephen Chesterfield's wife. It is not required that you read An Accidental Seduction before reading The Accidental Seduction it really just answers some of the questions left unanswered in The Accidental Countess.For a short introduction into the characters and the back story An Accidental Seduction is a great day read, and if you have already read The Accidental Countess and have those questions on the relationship between Emily and Stephen, this is just icing on the cake.Living by herself with no staff left due to the low finances, Emily is caught chopping her own firewood in the dead of winter by Stephen. With the knowledge that no one will wish to marry her since she has no dowry Emily sets out to seduce Stephen, for what will be her first and only chance to love him or anyone.Stephen is running from his destiny or what his mother says should be his destiny in the perfect bride. So when Emily's brother wants him to check on her while visiting his family home he sees no problem with seeing the girl that is really wrong to carry the family name and title.Michelle Willingham did a great job writing this short novella that kept me wanting more. To the point that I have gotten myself the next book.