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The Billionaire's Baby - Nicola Marsh Review from: The Virtual Book CaseOne thing I am always interested in si a good happily ever after call me a sucker for someone else's love story since mine has not happened. I have not net the guy that turns my mind to mush and makes me do the stupidest things by my parents standards.But in The Billionaire's Baby Cameryn met that guy at the age of 18. Cam was swept away by Blane to the point that three months later she marries him. That was years ago. Since he left, not long after their unplanned marriage. Now she owns her own cafe and has no room for love, that is until Blane walks back into her life. Now she has to tell him that she can not give him what he wants so they can not be together. Or is she going to let love back into her heart and her one love back itno her life. This question keeps me thinking about the book "can you give up what you want to let them have their dreams come true?"